Call Back Solution for Your Clients

You can offer calling cards without having to install any hardware. Your customers would dial an access number, then the system would hang up on them and call them back (showing up as an incoming call on their cell or landline phone). Then the customer would be prompted to enter their PIN and the destination they would like to dial. The call would then be connected.
You can now use voip-reseller low rates to make calls from your mobile phone, or to connect any 2 phones worldwide, using our callback service.
There are 3 ways to initiate calls – you can use the method that is most convenient to you:
using our web based trigger
using any regular landline or mobile phone
Once you start a voip-reseller account, you automatically have access to our callback service using the same username and password.
All services are particularly useful if travelling or if you want to make low-cost calls from a country when pc2phone services have been blocked.
Web callback
Web callback can be used from any pc and does not require any software to be downloaded or installed. You simply login, enter the two phone numbers that you want to be connected and click ‘connect’. Our server will call you back on the first number, then after a short delay; connect the second number allowing you to talk.
Once the call has been initiated, the web page is refreshed allowing you to leave the house/ office without needing your pc. The call ends, as usual, when both parties hang up.
All callback services make two outgoing calls – one to your number and one to the destination number and are then joined together allowing you to talk. As two calls are made, you are charged for two calls.
Missed call callback (ANI callback)
ANI call back can be used from any phone in the world using your wholesale voip reseller account! Simply login and authorize your phone number against your account, then call our access number. You will get a busy tone and you should hang up – you will not be charged for this call.
Our system will recognize the number you called from and match this to your account, and then will call you back. When you answer, you will get a dial tone, where you enter the number you wish to connect to. After a short wait, the second call is dialed, answered and you are connected to the remote party!
You can authorize several phones on your account, allowing you to initiate calls from your mobile, home and work if required.