You can have your own brand of pin-less calling service that allows your customers to simply dial a local or toll-free access phone number and then enter the destination they would like to call.
When the call is made from a phone number that is registered within the “trusted numbers” of your system, it uses the Caller ID’s matched account number to automatically authenticate the caller.
Your customers can do this without having to enter a PIN! They can call anywhere in the world from their cell phone or landline phone and take advantage of the low VoIP rates.
How does it work
1 - You can offer your customers low-cost calling in a 3 easy steps.
2 - Your customer can go to your website and sign up for your service.
3 - Your customer will receive an email with a local access number for them to dial.
4 - When your customer dials the access number, they will automatically be recognized and will not have to enter a PIN. They can dial their destination number and the call will connect.
Your customer will have access to your website to log back in to check call details or recharge their account.